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Vesco has a high quality range of penis plugs, penis sounds and penis dilators for a unique and unforgettable experience. Penis plugs, sounds and penis dilators have become very trendy!

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Deep Masturbator Penis Plug
The Deep Masturbator Penis plug will thrill and fill. It's deep and probing with a long undulating shaft and Price Albert style loop. Individually made and handcrafted for Tickleberry from the..more
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Ziro Penis Wand with Glans Ring
This piece was designed like a Prince Wand, but no piercing is required. It is naturally made out of 316LVM Medical Grade Surgical Steel. It is a solid piece that is 70mm in length with a tapered e..more
Based on 4 reviews.
Tapered Wave Plug
The Tapered Wave Plug is made out of Surgical Steel and it about 3 inches long and is 7/16" in diameter at it's thickest usable point and it tapers down to 5/16". This is a really fun one that you ..more
Based on 2 reviews.
Ribbed Penis Plug and Glan's Ring
This piece is great for both urethral stimulation, and for helping sustain yourself longer by controlling the blood flow to the head of your penis. The shaft is about 3/8 in diameter at is largest ..more
Based on 6 reviews.
Fuckr Gendr Plug
A smooth undulating impaler! The Fuckr Gendr penis plug resembles the female gender sign, feel her smooth rippling body as she slides up and down inside you. Our Fuckr Gendr penis plug is designed ..more
Cock Screw Penis Plug
The advantages of a screw (high removal resistance) combine with the ease of insertion of a penis plus in this hybrid creation: the Cock Screw.  For men looking for that special kick: a s..more
Based on 7 reviews.
Albert Penis Plug
This Penis Plug is perfect for cock stuffing  Made of highly polished shiny, medical grade, stainless steel the handsome 18mm end ball gives the plug a gorgeous finish, similar to penis..more
Three Stage Penis Plug
The 316LVM Surgical Steel Three Stage Penis plug is a Solid plug with three ribs in it to hit all the right spots. It is 3 inches long with 3 stages of fun. This one is not a large one ranging ..more
Based on 1 reviews.
Torc Penis Plug
The Pleasure Wave Penis Plug one of our most exciting yet. Made from 316LVM Surgical Steel and Hollow, allowing everything to flow right along.  2-3/4" overall length with about 2-3/8" in..more
Based on 5 reviews.
Flexible Penis Plug
This flexible plug allows you to enjoy the urethral sensations easily and comfortably! Often penis jewelry is very rigid and can only be inserted straight in. The Flexible Penis Plug features a pla..more
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Spur Penis Plug with Glans Ring
This penis plug is designed to help hold the glan’s ring in place during play, and is now available in solid or with the through hole. Naturally if the ring is the proper size you will have no tr..more
Based on 2 reviews.
Hollow Grooved Penis Plug with Glan's Ring
This piece is great for additional urethral stimulation. The shaft is grooved and Hollow to provide extra stimulation. The Glan’s ring is 1" in diameter with a 5/16" ball. The plug itself is 4" i..more
Based on 8 reviews.
Cock Topper Penis Plug
Top your cock with this cock topper penis plug from VESCO Polska For the ultimate in pleasure, this cock topper penis plug not only looks great but feels even better. Use it for a little weight..more
Based on 3 reviews.
THE JACKHAMMER Here is yet another beautifully hand crafted Stainless Steel penis plug.This is the original design of the JackHammer and is used to control the flow of one of our favorit..more
The Machined Ball Drop Mini Urethral Stretcher
A new design, new shape, NEW FEEL. A shorter version of its big brother. Used as a Urethral Stretcher for those who are looking to go larger with their TOI's ( Tools Of Impalement ). Used in co..more
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